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 += Arcane Power
 +<div right>
 +{{template>​dndclassics|product=143697|name=Arcane Power}}
 +  * '''​Published''':​ 21st April 2009
 +  * '''​Publisher''':​ Wizards of the Coast
 +  * '''​Author''':​ Logan Bonner, Eytan Bernstein, Peter Lee
 +  * '''​Format''':​ 160 page hardback
 +  * '''​Rules''':​ D&D 4th Edition
 +  * '''​Wikipedia''':​ None
 +  * '''​WotC''':​ [[http://​​app/​answers/​detail/​a_id/​1785/​~/​d%26d%3A-faq-for-arcane-power|FAQ]],​ [[http://​​DnD/​Product.aspx?​x=dnd/​products/​dndacc/​9780786949571|Product]]
 +New options for wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, bards, and swordmages...
 +This tome focuses on the arcane heroes: characters who wield strange and mysterious spells and rely on their mastery of magic for survival.
 +This book provides new archetypal builds for the wizard, warlock, sorcerer, bard, and swordmage classes, including new character powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.
 +"​Wizards of the Coast"
 +"DnD 4th Edition"​
 +"Logan Bonner"​ "Eytan Bernstein"​ "Peter Lee"
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