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 += CB1 Conan Unchained!
 +<div right>
 +  * '''​Published:'''​ 1 July 1984
 +  * '''​Publisher:'''​ TSR
 +  * '''​Author:'''​ David Cook
 +  * '''​Format:'''​ 32 page book
 +  * '''​Rules:'''​ AD&D 1st Edition
 +  * '''​Product:'''​
 +    * [[https://​​ddindexes/​modpages/​cb.html|Araeum]]
 +    * [[https://​​display-entry.phtml?​mainid=2382|RPG Net]]
 +    * [[https://​​rpgitem/​45494/​conan-unchained|RPG Geek]]
 +    * [[http://​​cn/​cn-cb1.htm|TSR Archive]]
 +    * [[wp>​Conan_Unchained!|Wikipedia]]
 +"His name is Conan, and no man can stand before him in battle."​
 +''"​Conan the Conqueror"''​
 +''​by Robert E. Howard''​
 +In an age long ago, there existed a hero - Conan. With fiery will, he slashed his name across the ancient lands of Hyboria.
 +It was a time when bravery, trickery, and magic decided men's fates, and a steel sword could make the difference between life and death. For the daring, strong, and clever, there were fortunes to find and lands to rule.
 +Travel back to this with Conan and his companions, Juma, Valeria, and Nestor. Travel back to defeat the dark horrors of his land!
 +"ADnD 1st Edition"​
 +"David Cook"
 +1980s 1984 1984-07
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