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 = City of Delights = City of Delights
-<​div ​round box border ​right> +<div right> 
-<html> +{{template>amazon|asins=1560765895}} 
-<iframe src="​http://​​e/​cm?​lt1=_blank&​bc1=000000&​IS2=1&​bg1=FFFFFF&​fc1=000000&​lc1=0000FF&​t=thepia03-20&​o=1&​p=8&​l=as4&​m=amazon&​f=ifr&​ref=ss_til&​asins=1560765895" style="​width:​120px;​height:​240px;"​ scrolling="​no"​ marginwidth="​0"​ marginheight="​0"​ frameborder="​0"></​iframe>​ +{{template>​dndclassics|product=16870|name=City of Delights}}
- +
-<iframe src="​http://​​e/​cm?​lt1=_blank&​bc1=000000&​IS2=1&​bg1=FFFFFF&​fc1=000000&​lc1=0000FF&​t=thepia02-21&​o=2&​p=8&​l=as4&​m=amazon&​f=ifr&​ref=ss_til&​asins=1560765895"​ style="​width:​120px;​height:​240px;"​ scrolling="​no"​ marginwidth="​0"​ marginheight="​0"​ frameborder="​0"​></​iframe>​ +
- +
-<iframe src="​http://​​e/​cm?​lt1=_blank&​bc1=000000&​IS2=1&​bg1=FFFFFF&​fc1=000000&​lc1=0000FF&​t=thepia07-20&​o=15&​p=8&​l=as4&​m=amazon&​f=ifr&​ref=ss_til&​asins=1560765895"​ style="​width:​120px;​height:​240px;"​ scrolling="​no"​ marginwidth="​0"​ marginheight="​0"​ frameborder="​0"></​iframe>​ +
- +
-<br /> +
- +
-<​b>​PDF via D&D Classics:</​b>​ +
-<a href="​http://​​City-of-Delights-2e?​affiliate_id=209105"><​i>​City of Delights ​(2e)</​i></​a>​ +
 </​div>​ </​div>​
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   * '''​Rules:'''​ AD&D 2nd Edition   * '''​Rules:'''​ AD&D 2nd Edition
   * '''​Product:'''​   * '''​Product:'''​
-    * [[http://​​wiki/​City_of_Delights|Product]]+    * [[http://​​wiki/​City_of_Delights|Forgotten Realms Wiki]]
     * [[http://​​rpgitem/​46131/​city-of-delights|RPG Geek]]     * [[http://​​rpgitem/​46131/​city-of-delights|RPG Geek]]
     * [[http://​​display-entry.phtml?​mainid=7401|RPG Net]]     * [[http://​​display-entry.phtml?​mainid=7401|RPG Net]]
-    * [[​aq/​aq-cod.htm|TSR ​Info]]+    * [[​aq/​aq-cod.htm|TSR ​Archive]]
     * [[wp>​City of Delights|Wikipedia]]     * [[wp>​City of Delights|Wikipedia]]
 +Recommended for use with the ''​[[al-qadim_arabian_adventures|Arabian Adventures]]''​ rulebook.
 +Golden Huzuz, the City of Delights, is the "heart of the heart" of the enlightened lands. It is the religious and political center of Zakhara and, say its inhabitants,​ the most beautiful city in the entire world. But beneath the beauty lies mystery, for the court of the Grand Caliph is as full of intrigue as the Grand Bazaar is full of adventures waiting to happen. Come, explore the delights and dangers of Huzuz the Golden, heart of the [[tag/​al-qadim|AL-QADIM]]™ campaign world.
 +  * 2 guidebooks totaling 192 pages
 +  * 8 full-color reference cards
 +  * 1 clear map overlay for measuring distance
 +  * 2 full-color poster map sheets! ​
 {{tag> {{tag>
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