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 <div right> <div right>
 {{template>​amazon|asins=0786936517}} {{template>​amazon|asins=0786936517}}
 +{{template>​dndclassics|product=51630|name=Complete Adventurer}}
 </​div>​ </​div>​
-  * '''​Published'''​1st January 2005 +  * '''​Published:'''​ 1st January 2005 
-  * '''​Publisher'''​Wizards of the Coast +  * '''​Publisher:'''​ Wizards of the Coast 
-  * '''​Author'''​Jesse Decker +  * '''​Author:'''​ Jesse Decker 
-  * '''​Format'''​192 page hardback +  * '''​Format:'''​ 192 page hardback 
-  * '''​Rules'''​D&D 3.5 Edition +  * '''​Rules:'''​ D&D 3.5 Edition 
-  * '''​Wikipedia''':​ [[wp>​Complete Adventurer]]+  * '''​Wizards of the Coast:'''​ 
 +    * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​ag/​20050112a|Art Gallery]] 
 +    * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​frcc/​20070606|Class Chronicles: Factotums and Spellthieves]] 
 +    * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​frcc/​20070523|Class Chronicles: Hexblades and Ninjas]] 
 +    * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​frcc/​20070411|Class Chronicles: Scouts and Healers]] 
 +    * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​errata|Errata]] 
 +    * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​ex/​20050107a|Excerpts]] 
 +    * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​ps/​20050107a|Product Spotlight]] 
 +    * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​we/​20050121a|Web Enhancement:​ Secrets of the Fochlucan College]] 
 +  * '''​Product:'''​ 
 +    * [[https://​​rpgitem/​44617/​complete-adventurer|RPG Geek]] 
 +    * [[https://​​display-entry.phtml?​mainid=256|RPG Net]] 
 +    * [[http://​​3e/​compadv.htm|TSR Archive]] 
 +    * [[wp>​Complete Adventurer|Wikipedia]] 
 +  * '''​Reviews:'''​ 
 +    * [[http://​​2007/​12/​complete-adventurer/​|Know Direction]] 
 +    * [[https://​​thread/​699250/​excellent-classbook-detailed-overview|RPG Geek]] 
 +    * [[http://​​reviews/​archive/​11/​11359.phtml|RPG Net]]
-The essential sourcebook for any D&D character looking to build adventuring skills.+'''​Sharpen Your Survival Skills'''​
-''​Complete Adventurer''​™ serves primarily as a player resource focused on adventuring skills for characters ​of any classAs adventuring is the foundation ​for the entire D&D experience, nearly every aspect of the D&D game benefits from the material in this productCharacters have access to new combat options, spells, ​equipment, and prestige classesas well as exciting new character classes such as ninja and scout. ''​Complete Adventurer'' ​also provides new information on several organizations and guildsand Dungeon ​Masters will find material for creating or optimizing single creatures or even entire campaign worlds.+Taverns are filled with tales of talented heroes and their breathtaking exploitsThe prowess and ingenuity of these remarkable characters gives them the edge to succeed where others cannot. 
 +This supplement ​for the D&D game provides everything you need to sharpen ​the skills and enhance the abilities of characters of any classAlong with new base classes, prestige classes, feats, spells, ​monsters, and magic itemsComplete Adventurer provides alternate uses for skills ​and other options that expand the capabilities of the most versatile heroes. 
 +To use this supplement, a Dungeon Master also needs the ''​[[player_s_handbook_3.5e|Player'​s Handbook]]'', ​''​[[dungeon_master_s_guide_3.5e|Dungeon ​Master'​s Guide]]'',​ and ''​[[monster_manual_3.5e|Monster Manual]]''​. A player needs only the ''​Player'​s Handbook''​.
 {{tag> {{tag>
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 "DnD 3.5 Edition"​ "DnD 3.5 Edition"​
 "Jesse Decker"​ "Jesse Decker"​
-2000s +2000s 2005 2005-01
-2005 +
 }} }}
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