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Creature Collection III: Savage Bestiary

 * '''Published:''' 17 November 2003
 * '''Publisher:''' Sword & Sorcery Studios
 * '''Author:''' Jose de la Puente Álvarez, Steve Berman, Terje Erwing Bjelkholm, Kraig Blackwelder, Ed Bourelle, Bret Boyd, Scott Briggs, Samuel R. Carter, Craig Cochrane, Loris Pier Luigi Colombo, Chuck Corley, David Ayala de Garay, Timothy Patrick Dee, Graf Douglas, Jonathan Duhrkoop, Steven Ehrbar, Mike Ferguson, Michael Gill, John L. Hall, Randy Hancks, Todd R. Hankinson, Jeff Harkness, Brannon Hollingsworth, Matt Holman, Robert Holmberg, Richard Hughes, Cameron Ironside, Eric Jansing, Lysle Kapp, Michael Kletch, Nathan Knaack, Jean-Michael Lavarenne, Rhiannon Louve, Mark Malcolm, James Maliszewski, Ari Marmell, Joseph Mashuga, John Dugal McCarty, Greg McNutt, Darren Miguez, Jesse Mohn, A. Scott Moore, Matt O'Dowd, Lars Omlor, Benjamin A. Paulus, Charles W. Plemons, III, Anthony Pryor, Kevin R. Rank, Scott Resnick, Ben Richards, F. Wesley Schneider, Richard Daniel Schnelle, Gary Schotter, Lee Scolin, Blaine Seitz, James Sharkey, Jr., Andrew Shockney, John Stam, C. A. Suleiman, Jeff Tabrum-Lovie, Nicholas J. Thalasinos, Marcin Turkot, Jeffery Allen Weskamp, James Wilber, Adam Windsor, Jeffrey Maurice Yurkiw, Andrea Zander, Matthew Zander, Gaël Zimmermann
 * '''Format:''' 221 page hardcover
 * '''Rules:''' D&D 3.5 Edition
 * '''Product:'''
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Perils of the Savage Wilds

This third volume of the Creature Collection series presents a horde of new monsters to challenge player characters and haunt the wild lands of any campaign setting. From deadly swarms to mighty avatars, Creature Collection III: Savage Bestiary is packed with over 150 creatures of every challenge level, each compatible with the v.3.5 rules. It also includes a special appendix with new taints of the titans - additional powers to make your monsters even more dangerous!

Requires the user of the Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast.

Sword and Sorcery books are published under the Open Game License and are 100% compatible with v.3.5 rules.

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