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d20 Future

 * '''Published''': 1st August 2004
 * '''Publisher''': Wizards of the Coast
 * '''Author''': Christopher Perkins, Rodney Thompson, J. D. Wiker
 * '''Format''': 224 page hardback
 * '''Rules''': d20 Modern
 * '''Wikipedia''': [[wp>d20 Future]]

Provides new rules and modules for running a futuristic d20 Modern campaign.

This new supplement provides everything players and gamemasters need to participate in a futuristic adventure with d20 Modern rules. The wealth of information in this volume covers new character traits, feats, advanced classes, starting occupations, gear, vehicles, starhips, aliens, monsters, and different types of futuristic travel. Also included is extensive discussion of different types of futuristic science, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, xenobiology, and even a section on mutations. As this title ties directly to the d20 Modern rules system, it includes new psionic magic rules which influences everything from psionic power to item creation.

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