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d20 Future Tech

 * '''Published:''' 14th February 2006
 * '''Publisher:''' Wizards of the Coast
 * '''Author:''' Rodney Thompson, J. D. Wiker
 * '''Format:''' 96 page softback
 * '''Rules:''' d20 Modern
 * '''Jeff Carlisle:'''
   * [[|Art Gallery]]
 * '''Wizards of the Coast:'''
   * [[|Art Gallery]] (dead link)
   * [[|Errata]] (dead link)
   * [[|Excerpts]] (dead link)
 * '''Product:'''
   * [[|D&D Wiki]]
   * [[|RPG Geek]]
   * [[wp>D20_future_tech#d20_Future_Tech|Wikipedia: d20 Future: d20 Future Tech]]
 * '''Reviews:'''
   * [[|RPG Net]]

New Gear and technology for any d20 Modern or d20 Future campaign.

d20 Future Tech is an extensive collection of high-tech items for use by players and Gamemasters. Building on subsystems first presented in d20 Future, d20 Future Tech presents new gear and options for characters, vehicles, starships, and mecha. Covering technology levels from the current era to the far future, this supplement can be used in any style of modern or future compaign.

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