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Dangerous Journeys: Epic of Ærth

 * '''Published:''' October 1992
 * '''Publisher:''' Game Designers Workshop
 * '''Author:''' Gary Gygax
 * '''Format:''' Paperback, ? pages
 * '''Rules:''' Dangerous Journeys
 * '''Product:'''
   * [[|RPG Geek]]
   * [[wp>Dangerous Journeys|Wikipedia: Dangerous Journeys]]

“Six Worlds in One! This is the sourcebook for the fantasy milieu you've always dreamed of! The world of Ærth is hauntingiy familiar, yet strangely mysterious. Visit Æropa's Avillonian Isles, which include mighty Lyonnesse. See the “Dark Continent” of Afrik, travelling up the Nylle River, past Egypt's four great pyramids, to the unexplored lands of the interior. Or cruise the long reaches of the Mare Ostrum which reaches from eastern Æropa to the steppes of Central Azir. And then there are the Seven Lakes of distant Vargaard…”

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