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DLC3 Classics Volume 3

 * '''Published''': September 1994
 * '''Publisher''': TSR
 * '''Author''': Jeff Grubb, Tracy Hickman, Douglas Niles
 * '''Format''': 128 page softback
 * '''Rules''': AD&D 2nd Edition
 * '''Product:'''
   * [[|Acaeum: DLA-Series]]
   * [[|Dragonlance Nexus]]
   * [[|RPG Geek]]
   * [[|RPG Net]]
   * [[|TSR Archive]]
   * [[wp>Dragonlance_Classics|Wikipedia]]

This is the final installment in the DRAGONLANCE Classics series, the dramatic conclusion to the entire 14-module dragonlance saga. Within are the reprints of DL10 Dragons of Dreams, DL12 Dragons of Faith, DL13 Dragons of Truth, and DL14 Dragons of Triumph, fully updated to 2nd Edition rules.

This 128-page book contains the maps, and descriptions that will take the Heroes of Legend from the ancient port of Tarsis to the depths of the Blood Sea and, finally, to the corrupt city of Neraka, the heart of the Dark Queen's empire. Can the Heroes at last foil Takhisis's evil plans forever? The answer lies within these pages!

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