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Dragonlance Dungeon Master's Screen

This product was also included in the Dragonlance bundle Dragonlance Starter Pack.


Featuring new artwork by veteran saga illustrator Larry Elmore, the DRAGONLANCE DUNGEON MASTER'S Screen is an invaluable reference for those running games in the world of Krynn. Filled with tables from the DRAGONLANCE Campaign Setting, as well as the revised d20 System core books, the screen give you invaluable information available at a single glance.

The enclosed booklet provides anyone running a DRAGONLANCE campaign with non-player characters and dragons that can be easily used in the on-going story described by best-selling author Margaret Weis. It also provides rules for racial weapons and guidelines the types of creatures that can easily be incorporated into a typical campaign.

Guide your players to endless adventure in the world of Krynn!

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