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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach: Quest and Class Handbook

This book is about a computer game set in the same setting as a tabletop RPG, so some information may be of limited use to roleplayers.

 * '''Published:''' 30 March 2006
 * '''Publisher:''' Prima Games
 * '''Author:''' Bryan Stratton, Stephen Stratton
 * '''Format:''' 238 page softcover
 * '''Rules:''' Dungeons & Dragons Online
 * '''Product:'''
   * [[|DDO Wiki]]
   * [[|Library Thing]]
 * '''Other:'''
   * [[|DDO Wiki: Places]]
   * [[|DDO Wiki: Quests by Adventure Pack (sorted by level range)]]

Welcome to Eberron

With risk comes reward and Prima will guide you through one to get the other. These pages contain the knowledge necessary to build your character and survive the quests you must face.

Labeled dungeon maps guide you to victory through even the most challenging adventures.

 * Comprehensive character class overviews, including suggested races, feats, skills, and multiclass options for each. Plus path notes so you'll make the right low-level choices to ensure a powerful high-level character.
 * Detailed "Quest Logs" reveal each quest's monsters, treasures, secrets, completion rewards, and more. You'll be able to find every quest and level up quickly.
 * In-depth looks at controls and gameplay mechanics to help maximize your abilities.

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