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Faiths of Eberron

 * '''Published:''' 12th September 2006
 * '''Publisher:''' Wizards of the Coast
 * '''Author:''' Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Ari Marmell, C. A. Suleiman
 * '''Format:''' 160 page hardback
 * '''Rules:''' D&D 3.5 Edition
 * '''Wizards of the Coast:'''
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 * '''Product:'''
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   * [[wp>Faiths of Eberron|Wikipedia]]
 * '''Reviews:'''
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Faiths of Eberron details established pantheons, secret cults, and other religious organizations of Eberron. It includes new rules material for the player, such as prestige classes, feats, spells, and magic items, while the details on the various organizations give Dungeon Masters many new options for their campaigns.

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