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Forbidden Lore

 * '''Published:''' October 1992
 * '''Publisher:''' TSR
 * '''Author:''' Bruce Nesmith, William W. Connors
 * '''Format:''' Boxed set
 * '''Rules:''' AD&D 2nd Edition
 * '''Product:'''
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A new era in horror role-playing began with the introduction of the RAVENLOFT boxed set. Combining the best elements of fantasy adventures with spine-tingling techniques of gothic horror, the RAVENLOFT game became an instant sensation. Now the time has come to learn about the secrets of the lands in the demiplane of dread.

Forbidden Lore brings you five books, each containing a wealth of material designed to make your RAVENLOFT game adventures more terrifying than ever before. Brush away the centuries-old dust, sweep aside the cobwebs, and look upon long-forgotten knowledge.

Forbidden Lore contains:

 * ''Dark Rrecesses'': This book details psionics, the powers of the mind, and their place in the demiplane of dread.
 * ''Nova Arcanum'': New spells and magical lore from the darkest of Ravenloft's lords - Strahd Von Zarovich.
 * ''Oaths of Evil'': Expanded rules for curses and tips on how to make them an important part of any RAVENLOFT adventure.
 * ''The Walking Dream'': For centuries, the Vistani have been the masters of prophecy and fortune telling. This book reveals their secrets and shows how to best use the Vistani techniques in RAVENLOFT adventures.
 * ''The Tarokka'': A genuine deck of 54 Vistani fortune-telling cards and complete instructions for their use in the game.
 * ''The Dikesha'': A set of runic dice used to predict the future, from the mysterious land of Har'Akir. 

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