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GAZ11 The Republic of Darokin

 * '''Published:''' March 1989
 * '''Publisher:''' TSR
 * '''Author:''' Scott Haring
 * '''Format:''' 96 page folio
 * '''Rules:''' Classic D&D
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“He who has the gold makes the rules.”

An old Darokinian saying.

In Darokin, wealth is power. There is no place in this land for the unthinking brute who solves every problem with force. Darokin has survived by cleverness, by negotiation, and by guile, despite being surrounded by mighty barbarous nations.

In fact, the Darokinians have thrived over the years, establishing themselves as the undisputed masters of overland commerce. And, since dead neighbors make poor trading partners, they've become equally adept at diplomacy.

The Republic of Darokin, the latest Gazetteer for the Dungeons & Dragons game system, gives you an in-depth look at this prosperous land, including:

  • A new Merchant character class
  • A complete, detailed history of Darokin
  • The geography, government, peoples, society, and cities of this huge land, plus a guide to Darokinian culture and characters
  • A large, full-color map of the Republic of Darokin
  • Two full-color sheets of cardboard fold-ups - build your own merchant caravans in 3D

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Now adaptable to the AD&D game and 2nd Edition AD&D game systems! Adventures included!

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