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GAZ8 The Five Shires

 * '''Published:''' September 1988
 * '''Publisher:''' TSR
 * '''Author:''' Ed Greenwood
 * '''Format:''' 96 page folio
 * '''Rules:''' Classic D&D
 * '''Product:'''
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 * '''Reviews:'''
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 * '''Other:'''
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Humans (and other races) call them “halflings,” and tend not to take the little folk too seriously. They look like children, so they get treated like children - distrusted, underestimated, or just plain ignored.

But there's much more to the hin (as the halflings call themselves) than petty thievery and childish pranks. They are a tough, mature people, proud of theit legacy of centuries of survival in the face of indifference and outright persecution from other races. The Five Shires, the latest Gazetteer for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system, gives you a total, in-depth look at the hin and their world, including:

 * A new Halfling character class
 * Everything you need to know about halfling magic
 * Exciting adventures in the Five Shires
 * A large full color map of the Five Shires, and its towns
 * A secret about halfling pirates
 * Seperate DM and Players' Booklets - 96 pages in all!
 * The Secret of the Blackflame 

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Now adaptable to the AD&D game! Nominated for the 1988 Origns Awards! Adventures included!

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