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GAZ9 The Minrothad Guilds

Life in Minrothad is one of the sea. The vast oceans are tied up in everything the people do, from their livelihoods to their recreation to their stories and songs.

The sea is also their defender. Surrounded on three sides by Ierendi, Karameikos, and mighty Thyatis, Minrothad has developed the art of naval trade to its highest form in the Known World.

The Minrothad Guilds, the latest Gazetteer for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game system, gives you an in-depth, complete look at the people and traditions of Minrothad, including:

  • A new Sea Merchant character class
  • A tactical ship-to-ship combat system
  • New sea-oriented magic spells and trading rules
  • Everything you need to know about all kinds of guilds
  • Large sea trading map, with common routes marked
  • Exciting adventures in Minrothad and on the high seas

Already published in this series:

Now adaptable to the AD&D game! Everything on ships & merchants! Adventures included!

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