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IM2 Wrath of Olympus

 * '''Published:''' March 1987
 * '''Publisher:''' TSR
 * '''Author:''' Robert J. Blake
 * '''Format:''' softcover
 * '''Rules:''' Classic D&D
 * '''Product:'''
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   * [[wp>The Wrath of Olympus|Wikipedia]]
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Immortals lie chained atop a mountain in the Broken Lands. Their bonds relentlessly drain their power while demons cavort with glee around the wispy barrier, as strong as any prison.

Have you the courage to embark on a dangerous mission for the materials necessary to craft an artifact? If you survive that task, you must then assume the Identities of legendary heroes of Darokin and face deadly Immortal foes without revealing your Immortality! The demons of Entropy stand between you and your final goal. Have you the power to rescue the imprisoned Immortals and preserve the Prime Plane? The future of the Prime Plane is in your hands!

This adventure is for use with the Dungeons & Dragons rules, and cannot be played without the D&D Basic, Expert, Companion, Masters and Immortal rules produced by TSR, Inc.

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