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Magic & Mayhem

 * '''Published:''' April 2004
 * '''Publisher:''' Sword & Sorcery Studios
 * '''Author:''' Mike Johnstone
 * '''Format:''' 192 page hardcover
 * '''Rules:''' D&D 3.5 Edition
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Magic and Mechanics Clash!

Sorcerers and wizards truck with demons while tinkers and engineers build mighty engines of battle in this sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons Warcraft the Roleplaying Game, which translates the hugely successful Warcraft computer game series into an exciting pen-and-paper roleplaying game world based on the popular revised d20 System rules!

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Edition 3.5, published by Wizards of the Coast. This product utilizes updated material from the v.3.5 revision

Designed with extensive input from the creative minds behind the Warcraft computer games, Magic & Mayhem includes:

 * In depth discussion of magic in the Warcraft setting, including rules for arcane corruption and a new type of magic called rune magic.
 * The new runemaster core class; 8 new prestige classes, including the warden and the steamwarrior; and several new feats.
 * New spells, as well as full descriptions of the new rune families and runes used by the runemaster.
 * A horde of new magic items and technological devices, as well as expanded details on creating technological devices.
 * Statistics for Warcraft constructs --- the ultimate in merging of magic and technology!

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