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Monster Manual (3.5e)

 * '''Published:''' 1st June 2003
 * '''Publisher:''' Wizards of the Coast
 * '''Author:''' Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Jonathan Tweet
 * '''Format:''' 320 page hardback
 * '''Rules:''' D&D 3.5 Edition
 * '''Wizards of the Coast:'''
   * [[|Art Gallery]]
   * [[|Art Gallery: Concept Art]]
   * [[|Errata]]
   * [[|Web Enhancement: Hobgoblin Outpost]]
 * '''Product:'''
   * [[wp>Monster Manual|Wikipedia]]
 * '''Other:'''
   * [[|Tim's Errata Archive]]

Fearsome and formidable foes lurk within. Encounter a horde of monsters armed and ready to battle your boldest heroes or fight alongside them. The fully illustrated pages of this book are overrun with all the creatures, statistics, spells, and strategies you need to challenge the heroic characters of any Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

Over 200 creeps, critters, and creatures keep players on their toes. From aboleths to zombies, the revised Monster Manual holds a diverse cast of enemies and allies essential for any Dungeons & Dragons campaign. There are hundreds of monsters ready for action, including many new creatures never seen before. The revised Monster Manual now contains an adjusted layout that makes monster statistics easier to understand and use. It has 31 new illustrations and a new index, and contains expanded information on monster classes and playing monsters as heroes, along with information on how to take full advantage of the tie-in D&D miniatures line planned for the fall of 2003 from Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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