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On Hallowed Ground

Written for Dungeon Masters and players, this 192-page, full-colour book includes:

  • 20 separate pantheons detailing the powers worshipped by humans, demihumans, and monsters (including the deities of the AD&D game worlds). Zeus, Sung Chiang, Gruumsh, Takhisis — they're all here, based on chant from Legends & Lore, the Deities & Demigods book, Monster Mythology, and AD&D game world sources.
  • New ideas and rules for priest characters on the planes.
  • Tips on creating, visiting, and surviving divine realms.
  • A look at powers favoured by factions and planewalkers.
  • Comprehensive appendices listing gods by pantheon and portfolio.
  • Full-colour maps of realms glorious and infernal.
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