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     * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​ag/​20011012a|Art Gallery]]     * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​ag/​20011012a|Art Gallery]]
     * [[https://​​dnd/​files/​OA_sheet.pdf|Character Sheet]] (PDF)     * [[https://​​dnd/​files/​OA_sheet.pdf|Character Sheet]] (PDF)
 +    * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​frcc/​20070918|Class Chronicles: Eastern Classes]]
     * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​ei/​20020811a|Epic Insights: Oriental Adventures Core Classes]]     * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​ei/​20020811a|Epic Insights: Oriental Adventures Core Classes]]
     * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​er/​20040125a|Errata]]     * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​er/​20040125a|Errata]]
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 "​Wizards of the Coast" "​Wizards of the Coast"
 "DnD 3.0 Edition"​ "DnD 3.0 Edition"​
 +"​Oriental Adventures"​
 "​Kara-Tur"​ "​Legend of the Five Rings" "​Kara-Tur"​ "​Legend of the Five Rings"
 "James Wyatt" "James Wyatt"
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