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PC4 Night Howlers

Night Howlers is the fourth book in the Creature Crucible series, which explores new character types for the D&D game. Whether the referee wants to add one or two were-creatures to the party line-up, base a whole series of adventures around the were-creatures' struggle for survival, or add some very special encounters for the players, this book will provide hours of unique playing experience. Includes:

  • Ten different types of lycanthropes, including werewolves, wererats, werefoxes, werebears, and others.
  • Two separate booklets, one with player information and one with campaign details.
  • A fully detailed land of werewolves, the Valley of the Wolves, located in the Known World campaign setting.
  • New magical items specially tailored to the needs of lycanthropes.
  • Information about important non-player characters, a large full-colour map, and three exciting adventures.
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