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Player's Guide to Wizards, Bards and Sorcerers

 * '''Published:''' 28 July 2003
 * '''Publisher:''' Sword & Sorcery Studios
 * '''Author:''' Deird're Brooks, Joseph Carriker, John H. Geiger, Michael Gill, Kevin Kulp, Ethan Skemp
 * '''Format:''' 160 page softcover
 * '''Rules:''' D&D 3.5 Edition
 * '''Product:'''
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   * [[,_Bards_and_Sorcerers|Scarred Lands Wiki]]
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Legacy & Lore

Arcane might is a source of both peace and war. Whether garnered from generations of epics, sorcerous power in the blood or the meticulous use of arcane formulae, arcane magic holds the power to build worlds or destroy them. This sourcebook in the Player's Guide series from Sword and Sorcery Studios details the secrets and potential of the masters of arcane magic: wizards, bards and sorcerers.

Requires the user of the Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast.

Sword and Sorcery books are published under the Open Gaming License and are 100% compatible with revised 3rd edition rules and the d20 System. This book contain material that can be added to any ongoing campaign.

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