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Races of Ansalon

 * '''Published:''' July 2007
 * '''Publisher:''' Margaret Weiss Productions
 * '''Author:''' Jamie Chambers, Sean Everette
 * '''Format:''' 240 page hardcover
 * '''Rules:''' D&D 3.5 Edition
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In the beginning of the world, the gods created ogres, elves, and humans to populate the newly-formed world of Krynn. The passage of time — and the introduction of Chaos to the world in the form of the Graygem of Gargath — led to creation of many new races, from the graceful elves of the sea to the grubby Aghar. These are the Races of Ansalon.This sourcebook contains detailed information on the major and minor races that populate the world of the Dragonlance setting. From the reptilian bakali to the enigmatic irda, Races of Ansalon provides both source material and game statistics useful for a Dragonlance campaign. New prestige classes and racial substitution levels — along with new feats, spells, and magical items — provide new options for the characters. Story hooks, pre-generated characters, and other details will be valuable resource to any Dungeon Master. Also included are variant rules for racial lore, kender pouch grabs, and gnomish inventions.

Note: Many sites list this as being published by Sovereign Press.

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