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SJR4 Practical Planetology

 * '''Published''': July 1991
 * '''Publisher''': TSR
 * '''Author''': Nigel D. Findley
 * '''Format''': 96 page softback, poster
 * '''Rules''': AD&D 2nd Edition
 * '''Product:'''
   * [[|RPG Geek]]
   * [[|RPG Net]]
   * [[|Spelljammer Wiki]]
   * [[|TSR Archive]]
 * '''Other:'''
   * [[|RPG Net forums: Let's Read Practical Planetology]]

Herein find fifteen unique planets, exotic and mysterious, ripe for plunder or other less profitable adventures. Weigh anchor at the air world Alabeth, and float with marooned elves atop their massive holbags. Visit the mithril dragons of Radole who ride the hot thermals over lakes of molten tin. Endure the searing flames of the efreeti city on Ignia, or swim among the island necrocracies — nations of undead from a destroyed planet —- on Charon. These and other bizarre worlds of adventure await you in Practical Planetology, along with beasts native to them, eleven new monsters in all.

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