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Spell Compendium

 * '''Published''': 1st December 2005
 * '''Publisher''': Wizards of the Coast
 * '''Author''': Matthew Sernett, Jeff Grubb, Mike McArtor
 * '''Format''': 288 page hardback
 * '''Rules''': D&D 3.5 Edition
 * '''Wikipedia''': [[wp>Spell Compendium]]

An important reference to the most popular spells in the Dungeons & Dragons® game. A must have at every D&D game table!

Spell Compendium provides players and Dungeon Masters with quick access to the D&D spells they need most. Drawing from a treasure trove of sources, Spell Compendium is the one place to find spells that are referenced time and again: the best, most iconic, most popular, and most frequently used. This convenient reference introduces a new spell format that includes descriptive text.

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