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 * '''Published:''' February 1992
 * '''Publisher:''' West End Games
 * '''Author:''' Paul Hume, Greg Gorden
 * '''Format:''' Paperback, 139 pages
 * '''Rules:''' Torg
 * '''Product:'''
   * [[wp>Torg|Wikipedia: Torg]]

Hollywood has always been a tough town.

Now it's hell.

So are Compton and Burbank. Not to mention Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Tharkoldu descend on Los Angeles for vengeance on Kanawa Corporation. Their High Lord Jezrael and the Demon Prince Serret of the Blades ris much to strike at Earth again. They bring technomagic and occultech to Los Angeles. Creatures mixed from magic and tech prowl; flensers use magic to copy DNA, consume and then duplicate their victims, skats attack street-level at Mach 1.4, swarmrats have group intelligence. There is RelictinV, a nanovirus that raises the dead. Synthecyclers roam the city, mining useful resources from buildings, trash, and people. Gangslaves are given cybergear and plasma weapons, then set loose. And the techno-demons …

The Tharkold Sourcebook is part of Torg, an epic game of adventure, power and altered reality. This volume describes the techno-horror invasion of Los Angeles. The supplement contains a timeline for Los Angeles from the beginning of the Possibility Wars, brief descriptions of the city, rules for Tharkoldu cyberware and equipment, magic, miracles, the largest creature section yet, and more.

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