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The Factol's Manifesto

 * '''Published:''' 10th July 1995
 * '''Publisher:''' TSR
 * '''Author:''' Tim Beach, Dori Jean Hein, J. M. Salsbury
 * '''Format:''' 160-page perfect-bound book, fold-out map, "Banned in Sigil" wraparound
 * '''Rules:''' AD&D 2nd Edition
 * '''Product:'''
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The Factol's Manifesto “This volume's outlawed in the Cage, berk — it's a crime just to own it. 'Course, that makes it required reading for peery cutters. Which factol's gone barmy, and which one ain't quite alive? Who tops the Hardheads' hit list, and who's a Sensate spy? What portals, spells, and powers can a factioneer use to give his foes the laugh? Catch the chant here! Designed for players and Dungeon Masters alike, The Factol's Manifesto provides a covert look at Sigil's 15 factions — the bands whose philosophies shape the multiverse. For each faction, get the dirt on:

 * Secret histories, current plans, and raging conflicts.
 * Headquarters and other safe houses, including detailed, full-colour maps.
 * Bloods a basher's bound to meet, from the factol on down.
 * New and vital abilities for the faithful.

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