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The Legend of Spelljammer

Feared by some, hunted by others, the awesome vessel Spelljammer glides through the vastness of space on mainta wings. For the first time ever, the myths surrounding the Great Ship are unveiled, allowing you to expand your SPELLJAMMER™ game campaign.

Is the Spelljammer a legend from the past or a mystery of the present? Is it truly a ship or a living being? Who commands it? What secrets hide in its massive hull and dark towers? The true story of the Spelljammer is revealed in this box.

This accessory is an epic adventure setting for use with the original SPELLJAMMER™ Adventures in Space boxed set. Within this box you will discover new monsters and races, exciting new ships and charcters, plus the fantastic Spelljammer itself.

The Legend of Spelljammer accessory contains:

  • A 32-page book of legends and statistics about the Great Ship;
  • A 64-page guided tour of the citadels, towers, and communities that crowd the back of the Spelljammer;
  • A 96-page book of new ships and nonplayer characters, plus adventures aboard the Spelljammer;
  • Two maps revealing the ship's citadels; and
  • Full-colour cards showing new ships and their deck plans.
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