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     * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​we/​20061225a|Web Enhancement:​ Maneuver Cards]]     * [[http://​​default.asp?​x=dnd/​we/​20061225a|Web Enhancement:​ Maneuver Cards]]
   * '''​Product:'''​   * '''​Product:'''​
 +    * [[https://​​rpgitem/​44948/​book-nine-swords|RPG Geek]]
 +    * [[https://​​display-entry.phtml?​editionid=4084|RPG Net]]
     * [[wp>​Tome of Battle|Wikipedia]]     * [[wp>​Tome of Battle|Wikipedia]]
 +  * '''​Review:'''​
 +    * [[https://​​reviews/​archive/​12/​12406.phtml|RPG Net (Daniel Heacox)]]
 +    * [[https://​​reviews/​archive/​12/​12448.phtml|RPG Net (Ruben Smith-Zempel)]]
 +'''​Master the Secret Magic of Steel'''​
 +Nine are the disciplines of the Sublime Way - the path of martial supremacy in which the perfect combination of devotion, lore, and practice allows a warrior to achive feats of superhuman prowess. The Desert Wind master strikes with the speed and fury of a raging fire. The Tiger Claw master tears his foes apart with the primal fury of a beast. The Diamond Mind master acts in slivers of time so small that others cannot even perceive them. Each discipline unlocks exciting new options for a combat-orented character.
 +This supplement for the D&D game descibes a new system of combat manouvers that blend fantastic weapon techniques with pious devotion and mystical blade magic. Within the nine disciplines of the Sublime Way are more than 120 daring martial manouvers. In addition, this book presents three new standard classes that perform martial manouvers, as well as new feats and prestige classes.
 +For use with these Dungeons & Dragons® products: ''​[[player_s_handbook_3.5e|Player’s Handbook]]''​™,​ ''​[[dungeon_master_s_guide_3.5e|Dungeon Master’s Guide]]''​™,​ ''​[[monster_manual_3.5e|Monster Manual]]''​™.
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