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     * [[http://​​rpgitem/​46525/​tome-of-magic|RPG Geek]]     * [[http://​​rpgitem/​46525/​tome-of-magic|RPG Geek]]
     * [[http://​​display-entry.phtml?​mainid=2697|RPG Net]]     * [[http://​​display-entry.phtml?​mainid=2697|RPG Net]]
 +    * [[http://​​tot_second_edition_home/​rules/​tsr2121_tomeofmagic.htm|Tome of Treasures]]
     * [[http://​​dd1/​tome.htm|TSR Archive]]     * [[http://​​dd1/​tome.htm|TSR Archive]]
     * [[wp>​Tome of Magic|Wikipedia]]     * [[wp>​Tome of Magic|Wikipedia]]
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   * '''​Other:'''​   * '''​Other:'''​
     * [[http://​​d/​dungeons-and-dragons/​wtf-wizards-tome.php|Something Awful: WTF]]     * [[http://​​d/​dungeons-and-dragons/​wtf-wizards-tome.php|Something Awful: WTF]]
 +Take your spellcasters to limits they have never reached before! With over two hundred new spells and magical items, the ''​Tome of Magic''​ stretches the horizons of every wizard and priest in the AD&D 2nd Edition game.
 +In these pages are new forms of wizard magic including elementalists,​ metamagic, and wild magic, plus expansions of existing schools. For priests, whole new spheres have been discovered - spheres of chaos, law, numbers, thought, time, war, and wards - and powerful new quest spells lie waiting to be tapped.
 +All characters will experience the thrill of discovering new magical items such as the ''​claw of magic stealing'',​ ''​dimensional mine'',​ ''​crystal parrot'',​ ''​ring of randomness'',​ and ''​staff of the elements''​. ''​Tome of Magic''​ is an invaluable expansion for all the spellcasting classes! ​
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