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Traveller: The New Era

 * '''Published:''' 1993
 * '''Publisher:''' Game Designers Workshop
 * '''Author:''' Frank Chadwick, Dave Nilsen, Kevin Brennan
 * '''Format:''' 384 page softcover
 * '''Rules:''' TNE
 * '''Product:'''
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   * [[|Traveller Wikia]]
   * [[wp>Traveller_(role-playing_game)#Traveller:_The_New_Era_.281993.2C_GDW.29|Wikipedia: Traveller (role-playing game): Traveller: The New Era (1993, GDW)]]
 * '''Other:'''
   * [[|Old School RPG: Retrospective]]

A civilisation is ready to re-awaken. But it cannot do so by itself. Two generations ago, a star-spanning society annihilated itself in a furious war. The final weapon in this war was a new form of life — a malevolent electronic race that hates life itself. But among the ruins, life is stirring — a civilisation is waiting to be rebuilt.

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