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Uncaged: Faces of Sigil

 * '''Published:''' April 1996
 * '''Publisher:''' TSR
 * '''Author:''' Ray Vallese
 * '''Format:''' 128 page softcover
 * '''Rules:''' AD&D 2nd Edition
 * '''Product:'''
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Everyone slides through Sigil sooner or later. But plenty of cutters call the Cage home, and it's their shops, trades, and peels that keep the jink flowing — and the bone-boxes flapping. A body's got to know who sells bogus goods, and who'll scrag him (or worse) just for the fun of it. 'Course, the trick is telling friend from foe. In Sigil, a fiery fiend ain't always a serpent, and a shining celestial ain't always a lamb.

This 128-page book provides Dungeon Masters with details on over 40 intriguing characters and groups found in Sigil, ready for immediate use in any PLANESCAPE campaign. Each entry features history, motivation, and secrets, along with complete game statistics and brand-new, full-colour art. What's more, the stories are woven together throughout, creating a rich tapestry of relationships that brings Sigil alive. Among the unforgettable characters in these pages are:

 * Fell, the dabus who turned his back on the Lady of Pain.
 * Farrow, a shadow elf spy with 15 personalities --- one for each faction.
 * Alluvius Ruskin, an old tiefling who sells keys for every portal imaginable.
 * Djhek'nlarr, a githyanki who dares map the Lady's dread Mazes.
 * The Will of One, a gang of Signers out to revive a dead god.

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