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     * [[http://​​2010/​05/​x1-isle-of-dread.html|Where'​d My Vorpal Sword Go?]]     * [[http://​​2010/​05/​x1-isle-of-dread.html|Where'​d My Vorpal Sword Go?]]
   * '''​Other:'''​   * '''​Other:'''​
 +    * [[http://​​x1-isle-of-dread-6-1981/​|Atlas of Mystara: X1 Isle of Dread, 6 Miles per Hex]]
     * [[http://​​2009/​02/​retrospective-isle-of-dread.html|Grognardia:​ Retrospective]]     * [[http://​​2009/​02/​retrospective-isle-of-dread.html|Grognardia:​ Retrospective]]
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